The Soliloquy - Power Never Goes out of Style

Power Never Goes Out of Style

Some five hundred years ago, the great playwright of the day wrote the definitive dramatic story of power, greed, revenge, fear, and murder. He set his tale in the northern highlands of the island of Great Britain, in the Kingdom of Scotland - in a time 500 years earlier.

We have taken that 500 year old story and brought it into the present, into today's most powerful city in the world, into Washington DC.

In 500 years, has the human condition changed? Has power become less enticing, less desirable? Have humans stopped wanting power?

Devotees of the theater call the great tragedy "the Scottish play." But the Scottish play was never just for Scots. We could equally call it "The American Play." It shows us what happens when greed, and envy, and fear, and lust for power gnaw on the human mind.

Into the Mind of Macbeth

In your darker moments, what goes through your mind?

Have you ever wanted your boss's job? Have you ever thought you could do your boss's job better than he or she could? What have you done - or thought about doing - to get your boss's job? Have you ever wanted to be number one - no matter what the price for someone else?

Have you ever looked across the room at a dinner party at the sleek and strong, the smart and funny, the powerful and wise - and lusted for that, lusted to make that power, that person your own? And then you turned back to your own date, perhaps your own spouse and thought: Why won-t he make something of himself? Where is his ambition? Have you ever pushed someone to do something you knew they should not - to become something they could never be? What did it cost them - and what did it cost you?

Macbeth is little different from us. He contemplates the murder of a king, a lord, a guest - a friend. But if we let ourselves, we can see the same temptations in ourselves, today, in Washington DC, in America.

Words of Shakespeare, Scenes of Washington

"The Soliloquy" takes the words of Shakespeare and sets them against the scenes and settings of Washington, DC. In eight dramatic minutes, the film takes you into the mind of Macbeth and forces you to ask yourself: Who am I? What would I do for power? And what is the cost of power at any cost? Enter into the mind of Macbeth this summer. Follow us on Twitter and return here for the announcement of the YouTube release date of the film, "The Soliloquy."